Pride Art

Pride Art will provide a platform for young artists from across = the Western Balkans to present their work.

The Pride Art programme includes 10 exhibitions on pressing issues seen from the perspective of the LGBTI+ community.

Pride Art is a place where artists that focus on human rights issues are given space to present empowering stories from the LGBTI+ community. Pride Art will explore topics that seek to intrigue the public and engage them in conversation. Art is a powerful tool for educating on sensitive subjects and Pride Art will provide a much-needed positive representation of the LGBTI+ community. Exhibitions will show different perspectives on the concept of human rights and equality, and reflect on how activism and culture can be used to generate global equality across sexual orientations and gender identities

Monday 12.09.2022.

Opening: 19:00

Exhibition location: KC Grad

16h - 21h

from September 12th to 18th

Aleksandar Crnogorac - Belgrade Drag

Although drag culture has existed in some form for hundreds of years, from ancient Greece to Shakespeare, to baroque operas, in the last fifty years it has experienced somewhat of a renaissance at a global level, and has to a great extent become part of popular culture.
The situation in Serbia is somewhat different and it can be said that the local drag scene in our area only started to emerge at the beginning of the 21st century. Before that, there were only a few examples such as Agatha and her Viva la diva performances in the nineties. The concept of the drag community as a more serious movement in the form of Belgrade's drag scene only began to form in the second decade of this century. These photos bear witness to that period.
My first contact with the local drag scene was in 2017 when I met the team of young people standing behind the KayGie parties. Soon afterwards I started to regularly attend these gatherings once a month in KC Grad taking photos of the participants. What fascinated me then as still now is the fact that these young people effectively managed to create the local drag scene in the capital of Serbia without any help or support. Their creativity, perseverance and courage are immortalized by this series of portraits that record if not the birth, then certainly the early development of the drag scene in Belgrade.
This exhibition is supported by the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade

Exhibition location: KC Grad

16h - 21h

from September 12th to 18th

Andrej Ivanov - Drag in Belgrade

Andrej Ivanov is an international, award-winning photojournalist. As much as he enjoys reporting on breaking news, Andrej’s true passions lie in social documentary, social justice, human rights, equality, and human-interest stories. His work has taken him around Canada, and to Senegal, Mexico, and, most recently, his birth country, Serbia.
"Over the last few months, I've been working on building a body of work showcasing the queer community in Belgrade. The story looks at how strong communities build, even if there is a general lack of acceptance and apathy. It also shows a side of mainly Belgrade that very few get or want to see. The focus on the drag community showcases how, even though many don’t know or choose to ignore that it exists, the queer community can and does come together. Seeing that many safe spaces and queer-friendly places such as KC Grad, Zappa Barka, and XL Bar host these events, it also shows that there is a progressive shift toward inclusion. It shows that, despite some undeniably archaic mentalities that may prevail, spaces do exist that welcome the queer community, many very much in highly public spaces. Overall, there is a shift towards the positive, most notably through this year’s EuroPride in Belgrade." - Andrej

Tuesday 13.09.2022.

Opening: 19:00

Exhibition location: Galerija N.eon, Crnogorska 10

17h - 21h

from September 12th to 18th

Kosta Mushu - The Gaze

Through photo and video media, visual artist Kosta Mushu explores the boundaries and relationships of physical and spiritual reality, as well as the influence of capitalism and cultural-family heritage on the development of personal and collective identity. The exhibition "The Gaze" was inspired by the enforced toxic standards of masculinity in the LGBTQI+ community, as well as the work of film critic and feminist Laura Mulvey, who claims that popular films and culture are based on satisfying male scopophilia.
With a series of poetic erotic photographs, Kosta registers the tension between the objective and subjective view of the male nude, as well as the difference in the approach to the medium of the audience and the author in the case when the man is the main subject of the photograph of the nude, in which until now, the subject has mostly been the naked female body.

Thursday 15.09.2022.


Exhibition location: Bookstore Geca Kon, Knez Mihailova 40

08h - 20h

from September 12th to 18th

Aleksandar Crnogorac - Trans Balkan

Trans Balkan is a photo-documentary project with the main goal to raise the visibility of trans people throughout the Balkans. It was initially presented in the form of a traveling exhibition that visited most of the Balkan capitals, including Belgrade, Sarajevo, Bucharest, Tirana, Pristina, Zagreb, Sofia, and in May 2021, the exhibition was published as a monograph in the Službeni glasnik.
The project features 103 people from 11 Balkan countries plus Turkey, and through a series of portraits and short accompanying texts seeks to show the wide variety of what the trans community is.
The exhibition that visitors will be able to see at the Geca Kon bookstore, from September 12th to 18th, is a display that contains the first 34 portraits of the project participants, all of whom come from the former Yugoslavia.

Panel discussion


  • Vesna Lalić
  • Leon Hendrix
  • Aleksandar Crnogorac
  • Moderator: Jovanka Todorović

Opening: 18:00

Exhibition location: UK Parobrod, Kapetan-Mišina 6a

10h - 22h

from September 12th to 18th

Talas TIGV - Masterpiece body

The audio-visual photo exhibition 'Masterpiece Body', which was created in cooperation between the Talas TIRV Collective and the Hartefakt organization, will be held during Euro Pride, from the 12th to the 18th. September in Parobrod.
Visitors will have the opportunity to see 12 models from the TIRV community with motives painted on their bodies and to hear through audio recordings what these motives symbolize. The exhibition aims to increase the visibility of the TIRV community in public, cultural and artistic spaces and bring the so-called other bodies as well as the stories and experiences behind them to the wider population.
photographer: Ana Melentijević

Léon Hendrickx & Micha Schneijderberg - Kings & Queens

Exhibition location: Endžio Hab, Dobračina 4

Opening of exhibition: 9th September at 19:00

16h - 21h

from September 9th to 18th

You can visit the exhibition from 9 to 18th of September at Endzio HAB from 16:00-21:00. You can meet the artists every day at 19:00 h.

Follow their Instagram page KINGS & QUEENS (@kingsqueensofficial)

Kings & Queens is an internationally acclaimed photography series of drag kings & queens with their other halves: themselves. Each image features two personalities of the same individual laid bare; portrayed in juxtaposition and constructed using photo montage. The man, woman or else is physically placed next to their alter ego, the drag king, queen – or is it vice versa?

The Unstraight Museum

Exhibition location - Youth Center, Pride House

Duration of the exhibition throughout whole Pride Week

Description - The Unstraight Museum presents 3 exhibitions by 3 artists from 3 cities, united to make the invisible and unseen - visible.
The exhibitions are the creations of respective artists, co-produced by
The Unstraight Museum in collaboration with -and with support from:
- Civil Rights Defenders
-The Swedish Institute
-Transpond Ab
-Swedish Museums of World Culture


NAKED BERLIN is a statement with no need for labels nor social constructs.
NAKED BERLIN is a homage to the city and its freedom.
NAKED BERLIN is a political body where personal is political.
NAKED BERLIN is about diversity and body positivity.

An exhibition of temporary human art installations (2018-2020) by Abdulsalam Ajaj and Mischa Badasyan.

Unstraight Barcelona

A retrospective exhibition by Luis Pedro Dias de Castro Vieira on the past 15 years of documenting alternative and marginalized immigrant queer culture, post porn, drag king and queen performers in Barcelona.
A time capsule for people and spaces that no longer exist, thus making the invisible and unseen - visible

Unstraight Stories from Egypt (preview)

Unstraight Stories from Egypt is a collection of unsung stories from our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
A team of Egyptian researchers unearthed these personal and short stories - addressing them both to and from the community. The afterglow left from these anonymous accounts is presented in a series of imagery courtesy of artist Dawood @img_dawood.
Photos: one photo from each part of the exhibition is attached

Miloš Nadaždin - "Tragovi"

Opening: 19:00, 14th September

Exhibition location: Silosi

17h - 22h

from September 12th to 17th