Belgrade stands with Oslo

Belgrade Pride expresses deep regret and compassion with the victims of last night's attack in Oslo, and offers solidarity to the LGBTI+ community in Norway.

The tragedy warns us and reminds us that the fight for human rights and equality never actually ends, and for everyone who has lost their loved one, we endorse that these attacks cannot have us discouraged and in fear.

Even though we are still im disbelief of the crime that happened in Oslo, today, louder than ever, we state that we will not give up on the fight for a better and more free world that respects diversity.

We will fight for those who lost their lives, for those who loved them, but also for those who have been injured or hurt in any way.

This is a crime against love, against diversity and equality - and it cannot repeat ever again.

Belgrade Pride sends out strong support to our friends and long partners in Oslo Pride, and we offer them love and compassion in these hard times.

We express our gratitude and solidarity to those who have, despite the cancellation of Pride parade due to last night's attack, got out in the streets today and showed that fear cannot beat our fight for love.

This tragedy is a wake up call to everyone im the world, and it reminds us that hate crimes against LGBTI+ community need to be properly sancioneted, and the doers rightfully processed.